Why a performance coach?

A performance coach works with successful, high achievers to challenge and support them in consistently achieving extraordinary results through deeper and broader preparation. Performance coaching prepares elite professionals to implement and calibrate belief and action practices that enable them to consistently surpass previous performance while influencing those around them.

Why Jim Gardner?

All highly successful people consistently work with coaches that challenge them and hold them accountable for improving on their personal best. If you are not experiencing the freedom, outcomes, and results you want, coaches are likely a significant missing link to your success.

Jim Gardner works with his clients to build a foundation of Purpose, implement and calibrate irrational Preparation, and generate Power to consistently produce extraordinary outcomes. If you’re all-in, 100 percent committed to continually finding and pushing past your current capacity and capability, you’re ready to connect with Jim.

Outcomes from Private Coaching with Jim Gardner can include:

  • Vision that supports the Legacies you want to leave.
    • A personal Inner Circle and Genius Club that support you, challenge you, and hold you accountable.
      • Levels of physical, mental, and emotional fitness that remove stress, increase focus, and generate abundant energy.
        • Trust, communication, and relationships that transform cultures, personally and professionally.
          • Energy and Time for preparation to consistently experience extraordinary outcomes.

          If you’re not yet ready for private coaching with Jim, have your organization hire him to consult or speak. If you do nothing else, opt-in to become a subscriber for Jim’s valuable information and follow Jim on social media.