Hello… My name is Jim Gardner.

I work with Elite Performers focused on thinking differently about creating and utilizing disciplined practices that continually expand their abilities and their impact. The outcomes Elite Performers work to achieve are not in the results, but instead are in the preparation. Preparation through disciplined practices called Proficiency Blueprints, are all we have control of and they are all that ultimately and consistently produce the enjoyment and satisfaction of extraordinary results.

As an adolescent surviving in the streets and struggling mightily in school, through the world of elite athletes, to becoming a leader and executive for several iconic global companies, I learned that vision, relationships, and determined preparation create extraordinarily powerful results.

I simply coach my clients on what I’ve learned from tens of thousands of hours of study, interviews, and experience in practical and science based application of preparation for and delivery of Elite Performance. Elite Performers develop singular focus on giving all they have to the moment of preparation for behavior and performance at full potential in life, spiritually, personally, and professionally. For Elite Performers, all that matters is the enjoyment of performing to the best of one’s ability in the moment.

My clients include C-level executives, professionals, physicians, serial entrepreneurs, and world class athletes.